Animal Print Shoes

These days, a number of fashion aficionados are beginning to become aware of and have appreciation for leopard print shoes. It is indeed a cool sight to see ladies all dressed up in their remarkable shoes that are covered in leopard or zebra animal print. A number of individuals might consider leopard shoes as an innovation; however, this style of shoe has in fact been in and out of fashion for quite a few decades. This particular design of shoes typically has varied fortunes depending on current trends; however, leopard print shoes have now become a must have in the wardrobe of a woman. It has earned its place as a fashion classic as a result of its sophistication and enduring elegance. It is an excellent way for a woman to show off a little bit of her wild side, while remaining chic and stylish.

Leopard shoes have been launched from as early as the 1950s. Back then, these shoes were well-suited for the tight bottoms and full skirts that were in style in women’s clothing throughout that period of time. As is customary with fashion, trends have a tendency to refer to earlier periods for inspiration and insight; this most likely is responsible for why leopard shoes as well as zebra shoes are once again slowly gaining acceptance. Dolce & Gabbana, the Italian duo, is credited widely for bringing back not only leopard print shoes but a whole range of products with various animal prints back into the spotlight. Dolce & Gabbana put these animal prints on article of clothing such as skirts coats, and shoes. What was previously considered inelegant, to some extent, has now been slowly gaining acceptance into mainstream fashion, largely as a result of the contribution of Dolce & Gabbana. However, zebra shoes and leopard shoe are definitely polarizing since a number of women just keep away from them like the plague.

Notwithstanding, leopard shoes are back today and in a big way. The women of today who are fashion-forward are in for a period of excitement; n view of the fact that there are no stringent rules by which to abide nowadays. The key to today’s fashion is individuality and therefore individuals can be dressed in whatever it is that they think best suits them. As a result, a number of women are once more turning to 1950s classics, such as leopard shoes as well as other accessories which are modern and clean-cut in design.

Express Yourself With Rocket Dog Shoes

Fashion is very important word in the world today. Every few months, we have a host of different types of clothes, accessories and shoes, which are as unique amongst their contemporaries as with the older lot. As individuals we wish to stand out in the crowd and are always in the hope that the clothes we wear or the shoes we put on have something to say about our personalities and enhance all the positive attributes in us. Every once in a while, a path breaking brand comes our way and through its sheer novelty catapults itself into a new league. One such brand of shoes is the Rocket Dog brand.

Rocket Dog was started by Stephen Hoyt and his partner Terry Anderson around twenty years back. Both Stephen Hoyt and Terry Anderson have a combined expertise of forty years in the footwear industry. The name Rocket Dog was coined after Stephen’s dog who could run at extremely high speeds. Both the partners have worked as designers for renowned brands such as Candice’s and Espirit and the first shoe they came out with was a cork bottom/jute sandal which instantly became the flavour of the season and thus paved the path for this talented duo with their funky and fashionable range of shoes. They were a rage in Los Angeles and San Francisco and soon enough the brand’s popularity crossed the shores and the brand became popular in Europe, The Middle East, Australia and Central America.

This is a brand which caters to the fashion conscious individual and also offers shoes at affordable prices. The customer base of this brand has been on the rise due to the innovative designs which are incorporated keeping in mind the latest developments in the footwear industry. Be it shoes, sandals, trainers or any other type of shoes you are interested in, this brand offers you the very best and ensures that your look is completely unique. With a wide range of prints and a variety of colours this brand sets the benchmark in contemporary footwear. There are many styles for women available in the market, including Hazel Boots, Misty, Pollina, Veronica and Preppie. Sneakers with their funky designs can be used for the fitness conscious woman. The range of flat slippers also is quite appealing. Then there are different types of high heel pumps and western boots to choose from. As you can see, every kind of footwear that a woman desires is available in this brand. That coupled with its inherent uniqueness, makes it a much sought after brand.

Nowadays people generally are seen sporting the same types of shoes or clothing. With a brand like this you can be rest assured that you will definitely make a statement with your look. What sets great individuals apart from others is that they are trendsetters in their respective fields; likewise this brand is for the youth, for people who love something different and are tired of the blandness in fashion footwear. They are also quite durable and can last many seasons.